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Yaldap is a web based LDAP browser and editor.
It's main goal, to be reliable and simple to use with existent, and running directories.

I use this tool for my all day work, on 6 directories with almost 1 300 000 entries.
so believe me, it rocks. (for me :-p )

The project, written in PHP, based on the famous MVC design pattern and built with a event style controler, use templates and themes for its layout (all about presentation in fact).
So, you can easily change the yaldap design to your wish, and even change all texts and label (internationalization for example).

Source code is very simple to analyse and to adapt to your needs.

Available languages : English & Français (French).


  • Entries favorites for easy access to entries you are working on
  • Search favorites for easy access to an complicated search
  • Automatic backup on filesystem (LDIF) of entries modified or deleted
  • Delete LDAP entries
  • Recursively delete entire trees
  • View and edit image/binary attributes (like jpegPhoto/userCertificates)
  • LDAP searches (both simple and advanced)
  • LDIF export
  • LDIF import
  • Rename LDAP entries
  • Manage user password hashes
  • Hyperlinks for DN values. (navigate quicly on entries)
  • Configurable read-only and read/write modes.
  • User management
  • Directories adress books (each user has its own ldap adress book)
  • Filters, to show only what you need, and prevent long entry load time
  • Filters also work on ldif exports
  • UTF-8 support / Special characters support
  • TODO List

  • Edit LDIF export, on web browser before importing it
  • Interface to manage auto-backups
  • Documentations
  • User Guide
  • a Create entry action (in actual version, you can only create entries from LDIF (safer method but not fast.)
  • Hyperlinks for mailto and href attribute values.
  • Demo



    click here to download files

    Project page

    SourceForge.net hosts the project, here is the link to it : http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/yaldap


    If you need to report a bug please use the bugtracking system on the project page : http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/yaldap


    Valere Jeantet Ramos valere.jeantet {AT} free {dot} fr